Sharing the accountability

Share the accountability.

Fake Headteacher: Newsletter No.25 – Consistency

Dear Staff, Thank you for your hard work this half term. It's been a long one for sure. Hopefully the four extra twilight sessions on reducing workload has helped. We did identify a few areas where you could reduce workload but remember, it mustn't affect our whole school policies on our journey to become even … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: Newsletter No.25 – Consistency

Fake Headteacher: Job interviews are changing

Dear Head / Governors, I am interested in the position of class teacher at your school. I will be arriving at your school on the date suggested to interview you and your SLT. In particular, I will be focusing on work life balance, marking, learning walks, use of displays and accountability. There will be time … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: Job interviews are changing

Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

NQT definition guide: “Even better if” How someone else would do it; different, but not necessarily better. Leaders have to be seen to be improving the school. Just go with it as best you can. It's not personal. "Non-negotiable" A made up term to bully staff into teaching and marking in a particular way. It's … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

Fake Headteacher’s Favourite Tweets 2017: Part 2

Some of my favourite tweets: 2017 Splatter data Get changed! Initials Blank page Scrutiny Displays Funky Easy! Diary Good? Night shift Work smarter! Spelling Conform What a shame! Break time Pac-Man Not fair Login! Marking trouble Play the game Just right Display! Clipboard Voldemort Moving rooms Slips Eh! Just a blackboard Checking on you Sad … Continue reading Fake Headteacher’s Favourite Tweets 2017: Part 2