Leaked SATs Document

SATs document leaked

Fake Headteacher: Newsletter No.25 – Consistency

Dear Staff, Thank you for your hard work this half term. It's been a long one for sure. Hopefully the four extra twilight sessions on reducing workload has helped. We did identify a few areas where you could reduce workload but remember, it mustn't affect our whole school policies on our journey to become even … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: Newsletter No.25 – Consistency

Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

NQT definition guide: “Even better if” How someone else would do it; different, but not necessarily better. Leaders have to be seen to be improving the school. Just go with it as best you can. It's not personal. "Non-negotiable" A made up term to bully staff into teaching and marking in a particular way. It's … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

Fake Headteacher: You must run a club – Newsletter No.24

Dear Staff, I am very disappointed that many of you are refusing to run morning, lunch time and after school clubs. They are an important part of school life and pupils deserve to be able to enrich their school experience by attending them. It also helps us compete with our rival schools. It makes us … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: You must run a club – Newsletter No.24