Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

NQT definition guide: “Even better if” How someone else would do it; different, but not necessarily better. Leaders have to be seen to be improving the school. Just go with it as best you can. It's not personal. "Non-negotiable" A made up term to bully staff into teaching and marking in a particular way. It's … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide


Fake Headteacher: I need to see a doctor!

I’m having terrible nightmares at the moment. In my dream, I have an extremely positive conversation with staff at my new school. It’s the same conversation every night. It’s truly awful. It’s affecting my sleep. It goes something like this... “First thing's first. You may mark books with any colour pen. It makes no difference … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: I need to see a doctor!