Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

NQT definition guide: “Even better if” How someone else would do it; different, but not necessarily better. Leaders have to be seen to be improving the school. Just go with it as best you can. It's not personal. "Non-negotiable" A made up term to bully staff into teaching and marking in a particular way. It's … Continue reading Fake Headteacher: NQT definition guide

Fake Headteacher Blogs 2017-18

Links to all of Fake Headteacher's blogs and articles Search Fake Headteacher on Facebook and Twitter Fake Headteacher: Welcome back newsletter No.1 Fake Headteacher: Planning please - Newsletter No.2 Fake Headteacher: Accountability - Newsletter No.3 Fake Headteacher: Marking - Newsletter No.4 Fake Headteacher: Lesson Observations - Newsletter No.5 Fake Headteacher: Staff Meetings - Newsletter No.6 … Continue reading Fake Headteacher Blogs 2017-18