Fake Teacher: Moving Schools – Newsletter No.2

Tell me what you want to see and I will do that!

Fake Headteacher: Report Writing – Newsletter No.12

Report writing has a detrimental impact on teaching and learning and staff well-being

Fake Headteacher: Behaviour – Newsletter No.11

Bad behaviour does not affect your data?

Fake Headteacher: Writing – Newsletter No.10

Teaching writing used to be fun!

Fake Headteacher: Reading – Newsletter No.9

If a child has a positive attitude to reading they are exceeding.

Fake Headteacher: Maths – Newsletter No. 8

Implement all three maths policies just in case.

Fake Teacher: Letter No.1 – Book Scrutiny

Dear Head, we don't like your policy...

Fake Headteacher: Micro Managing – Newsletter No.7

Just do what I say...

Fake Headteacher: Staff Meetings – Newsletter No.6

Staff meetings are too long!

Fake Headteacher: Lesson Observations – Newsletter No.5

Lesson Observations....grrr