Dear Staff,

Your data has to improve. Covid isn’t an excuse anymore.

I appreciate I’ve not replaced your TA this year after she left to work at Tescos to earn more money.

I know that you are only responsible for 20% of the planning within your team but you are fully accountable for 100% of your class data.

I also understand you don’t like the schemes of work I introduced but your data must improve. I’m sorry we can’t afford the resources you need to teach effectively too.

The school laptops are crap and the few iPads we do have, are shared between 300 children. You can work around this I’m sure.

I fully understand you want to use display boards as you see fit, but my non-negotiables for using display boards must be adhered to. I realise this takes away even more autonomy but I need your data to improve. It will be your fault if it doesn’t.

I’ll tell you how to teach, how to mark, how to give feedback and when to assess the children. But, you are accountable for your class data.

I’ll even tell you what colour pen to use when marking books and what handwriting font to write by.

Good luck. You are 100% accountable.