Dear Staff,

I hope you had a lovely summer break. Thank you to all of your replies to my weekly emails. It was nice to touch base with you all. It certainly has been a difficult time in schools and thank you again for all of your hard work. We welcome five new teachers in September – fresh from university. Anyone who is on the UPS, please find your additional responsibilities I have allocated to you in a separate email.

Please find a timetable attached for our first two insets back. See you all soon. FHT

Inset: Day 1

8:30 Coffee and catch up

8:45 Discussion about what colour pen we should all mark in

9:30 Working wall non-negotiables checklist review and feedback from last term’s learning walks

10:30 Coffee

10:40 Timetable for lesson observations and book scrutinies

11:20 Mrs Sunshine yoga class for ALL staff – well being initiative session No.1

12:30 Lunch (bring your own and stay in own class to minimise covid spread)

1:00 Review of teaching literature you were asked to read during the summer

2:00 Informal test on teaching literature – certificates of completion will be awarded at the end

2:30 Tour of the school to critique learning environments

3:00 Time is yours to sort out your classrooms

Inset: Day 2

8:30 Coffee and catch up

8:45 Consistency – How do we ensure every class looks the same? How do we ensure we all teach in the same manner? How do we ensure all the books look the same? Discussion and Consistency Policy updated ready for Ofsted.

11:00 Coffee

11:10 Coaching – using peer review to help support colleagues – how unannounced learning walks and constant feedback will help raise standards – weekly targets for all staff to meet

12:30 Lunch (in classrooms again please)

1:00 Mrs Sunshine ‘Think Positive Thoughts’ well being session No.2

2:00 Ofsted preparation

3:00 Planning time in your year groups

Fake Headteacher book