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Welcome back after half term

Reading challenge competition

School uniform reminder

Singing concert information

Community sports day award

Swimming gala afternoon

Information about Covid

Possible school closure

School closure update

School bubble information

Covid case update

New arrangements for bubbles

Home learning ideas

How to log into Teams

Updated risk assessment for bubbles

Social distancing reminders

Important info about bubbles

Bubble closure due to covid

Staff case of covid

Staff sickness not covid

Risk assessment update

Class bubbles update

School office social distancing rules

Home learning kits

Key worker list update

Key worker list urgent!

Pupils who are sent home

Self isolation update

Welcome back Mr Briggs!

Bubble closure in Year 5

Virtual parents evening information

Parents evening update

Risk assessment update

Prayers and thoughts for Mrs Evans family

Fundraising ideas for Mrs Evans

Thank you letter from Mrs Evans

Mental health matters

Food bank information

Spare laptop announcements

Key worker updates

Bubble closure in Year 1

Connection problems at home info

IT support news

Ofsted visit update

Ofsted feedback

Staff case of covid news

Resignation updates

Washing hands update

Track and trace information

Track and trace update

Track and trace update 2

Risk assessment update

School meals

School meals payment update

Covid symptoms checker

Self isolation periods revised

Home learning updates and ideas

Covid test information

Lockdown update

Track and trace new rules

School one way system reminders

Child drop off and pick up times NEW

Confidentially policies Covid cases

Risk assessment updates

Bubble closure in Year 1

Hand sanitiser letter update

Staying safe at lunchtime

Playground rules reminder

Lockdown update

Thoughts and prayers for Mrs Collins

Good news about Sophie in Year 4

Cancelled trips for rest of term

Singing ban reminder at school

Importance of washing hands

New rules for face masks

Drop off times NEW

Covid strain update

Risk assessment update

Staff absence update

Covid testing in school policy

Information on how to get tested

Key workers list application

Teams passwords update

Virtual assembly for Mrs Evans

Testing volunteers needed

Lockdown update

Risk assessment update

Bubble closure rules NEW

Flu vaccinations info

Flu update

Flu vaccinations cancelled

Flu vaccinations new date

Covid testing news

Track and trace issues

Arrangements for tomorrow! Urgent!

Home learning X Box for Teams

Supporting your child at home

Donations for Mrs Collins update

School masks reminder

Positive covid cases in Year 3

Self isolation update

Bubble closure update

NEW one way system

Drop off updated times

How to submit work online

Government update on Covid

Staff absence update

Positive case in Year 6

Pupil testing update Urgent!

Child care arrangements

Risk assessment update

Free mobile phone data!

Problems with government laptops

Lockdown update

Possible return to school on 8th March

Return to school unlikely

Fake Headteacher book