Schools will have to submit a form to confess how much SATs preparation they carried out this year according to a leaked document last night.

Heads will now have to answer a wide range of questions regarding the run up to SATs week. If the information is proven to be incorrect, Heads will face disciplinary action.

Here are a few examples of the type of questions they will have to complete:

1. How many practise papers were taken prior to these tests?

2. When did pupils start practise papers?

3. How many hours of other subjects were missed preparing for SATs?

4. Which subjects were under taught because of SATs prep?

5. Please state when out of hours school booster groups took place (before school, lunchtimes, after school)

6. How long were SATs booster groups carried out for?

7. How many hours of homework each week was SATs based?

8. How much surreptitious help was given during the tests? Please describe each action below.

9. How many mock SATs weeks did you carry out?

10. Will you put pressure on Year 6 teachers if SATs results are not great?

The three page declaration document is an attempt by the government to stop schools playing the game. They have also acknowledged that pupils’ mental health is suffering with excessive attention given to SATs data. The declaration will attempt to support schools who don’t over prepare for SATs – maintaining a level playing field for all.

Fake News. Sorry.


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