Sharing the accountability

Dear Head,

‪Your maths strategy must be followed like this. ‬

Your English strategy must be followed like this. ‬

Reading lessons must look like this.‬

Spelling must be done like this. ‬

My displays must be used like this.

Planning must look like this.

Seating plans must look like this.

Assessments must be evidenced like this.

Homework must look like this.

Marking and feedback must look like this.

Tell me. If my class don’t reach the ridiculous targets you have set me, who is responsible? ‬

I would be very happy to decide myself how to manage the learning of my class. I have great ideas I have collected over the years and seen some amazing stuff at other schools. Only then would I be fully responsible for pupil progress (apart from the pupil and their family of course). It doesn’t seem fair at the moment.

Let’s negotiate. I will follow your policies and micro-management strategies but I get to grill you in pupil progress meetings too. We could both be put on support plans? The governors could attend too? Sound fair?


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1 thought on “Sharing the accountability

  1. Just discovered your log. I feel less alone. I have been suffocated by so many contradictory demands and was going to resign this summer term to go on supply in September but the Covid-19 happened. The best one recently was being told to toughen up on the behaviour policy , only to be told I was givin too many detentions which apparently is a sign of poor behaviour management!!!! I despair.

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