Here I am sitting on the sofa watching you work. I still don’t get why you have to work so much at home. You keep telling me that you have to. You said it will pass and things will settle down once Ofsted has been. But it never does – does it?

I guess I can find another box set to watch. I know you don’t mind me watching the tv when you are working. Most of the time you’re huffing and puffing anyway, as you become more engrossed in your work.

All the things you said you were going to do more of, hasn’t happened. I thought you were going to play your guitar more often. You used to really enjoy badminton too. What about reading those books you got at Christmas?

You tell me you don’t get paid overtime for working at home. I’ve learnt not to hassle you. You get grumpy.

You always look exhausted the moment you come through the front door. I can’t imagine what it must be like working in a school like yours.

You always tell me you’ll be finished in ten minutes. You lie. I know ten minutes means at least an hour.

I often feel sad that you choose to do school work rather than spend time with me. But I can see how stressed you are and you’re just doing what you think is right to stay afloat. Is this what education is now?

Things are going to have to change at some point. I can’t sit here every night watching you work. It’s not healthy. I am looking forward to half term when I get you back for a few days before it starts up again.

Night. Don’t stay up too late.

Your very understanding partner. Just.

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