All the holidays eh!

Jenny works in a one form entry junior school. Next week is half term. During which, she will be planning, or thinking about her lessons for the next 6-week half term.

30 Literacy lessons

30 Maths lessons

30 Guided reading lessons

12 Science lessons

12 PE lessons

12 Handwriting lessons

12 Computing lessons

6 History lessons

6 Art lessons

6 Geography lessons

6 Music lessons

6 RE lessons

6 DT lessons

6 Spelling lessons

All lessons will need to take into account different abilities in the class, the pace of the learning, the right amount of challenge, resources, PowerPoints, special needs, prior learning, types of questions to use, subject knowledge.

Jenny also has 5 classroom displays to change.

1 Communal display to put up

150 books to mark

60 test papers to mark

A school trip to organise

School blogs to update

Assessments updated online for 30 pupils for all subjects

But luckily, Jenny gets all the school holidays so that’s ok.

Fake Headteacher books – click here

3 thoughts on “All the holidays eh!

  1. Pretty normal then but sounds much easier listed like this… Only 150 books to mark? Cant believe that. (Parents evenings, assessment opportunities and record keeping as well as interactive white-board lesson materials, meetings with parents, policy up-dates, staff-meetings and those wonderfully useful early morning briefings, inputting tracking data, and the “another new initiative”, staff training after school, resourcing lessons, ordering library loans and collecting them….


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