Simon has been offered a one year probation to try out teaching. Every half term he is given a new responsibility to ease him into the job.

At the end of each half term he is graded 1-6 (1 – excellent, 6 -terrible) for each of his new responsibilities. Let’s see how he got on.

Autumn Term 1: Plan and teach lessons

Feedback: Simon, your teaching was great. It’s really great. You have lots of enthusiasm and energy and the relationship you have with the class is terrific.

Teaching: Grade 1

Simon: Thank you. I’ve loved every minute of it. What’s my next target?

Head: Marking books

Autumn Term 2: Marking books

Feedback: Your books look great Simon. You met all the non-negotiables and passed all the book scrutinies. Unfortunately, your teaching wasn’t as good as before.

Books: Grade 1
Teaching: Grade 2

Simon: Thanks for that. I’m pleased my books looked good. I found I was spending more time on books instead of teaching prep. What’s next?

Head: Displays

Spring Term 1: Displays

Feedback: Wow Simon, your displays were superb. Working walls were updated daily and they all had 3D elements to them. You met the non-negotiables for how displays must look. Well done. Sadly, your teaching wasn’t as great and your books didn’t quite look the same. Sorry.

Displays : Grade 1
Books: Grade 2
Teaching: Grade 3

Simon: Thank you. I think. I didn’t get books finished until late especially after all the meetings and updating displays. I do feel tired all the time now. I need to work harder. What’s next?

Head: Reports and data

Spring Term 2: Reports and data

Feedback: Once again, you have excelled. Your reports for your class were great and your test data was emailed to me in good time. I was surprised however that your books hadn’t been deep marked. Your working walls weren’t updated for days and your teaching was poor. You need to improve!

Reports and data: Grade 1
Displays: Grade 2
Books: Grade 3
Teaching: Grade 4

Simon: I am so sorry. I am working 12 hours a day trying to keep up. I will try even harder! I am beginning to lose my class. I don’t feel like I have time to prepare great lessons. What’s next?

Head: Websites and blogs

Summer Term 1: Websites and blogs

Feedback: Simon, your class blog looks great. You update it every day with photos and video clips. Your online weekly class bulletins look good too and I didn’t need to nag you once to keep on top of it like I do with other teachers. However, what has happened to your teaching! It’s dire. I am officially putting you on a support plan. You need to sort it out. I had great plans for you. Everything else is going to pot too.

Website: Grade 1
Displays: Grade 3
Books: Grade 4
Teaching: Grade 5

Simon: How am I supposed to do it all? I don’t see my friends and family now and have to rely on Twinkl for all my lesson as I just don’t have the time. What’s next?

Head: Lots of observations and scrutiny to ensure your improve!

Summer Term 2: Learning walks

Feedback: You’re not cut out for this job are you? I am moving you to another year group hoping you might leave. I had to make unplanned learning walks every week and what I saw wasn’t great. Your commitment to this job isn’t good enough. You look stressed all the time and you seem to have lost your natural way of teaching.

Learning walks: Grade 5
New data: Grade 4
Website: Grade 4
Displays: Grade 5
Books: Grade 5
Teaching: Grade 6

Simon: I quit. I had no idea teaching was this prescriptive and excessively scrutinised. You need to stop micromanaging staff. They feel suffocated and have lost their creative autonomy. What’s next? Another great teacher leaving the profession.

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