Time for something completely different!

This game is brilliant. I created it many years ago and the children love it. Great for the end of term. Have fun!

Ten Second game:

1. Choose someone to play.

2. Quickly countdown ‘3-2-1 go’

3. Pupil counts to ten seconds in their head and teacher starts stopwatch.

4. Pupil shouts out ‘stop’ when they think they have got to ten seconds.

5. Teacher stops stopwatch and tells them their time. e.g. 8.67 seconds.

6. Write name and time on board

7. If anyone stops the stopwatch on exactly 10.00 seconds, teacher has to reward the class with something nice.

Additional rules:

A) no watches or clocks to be looked at by pupils.

B) game must be done in silence.

C) if anyone talks when someone is counting, the pupil has another go and and if they stop it on ten seconds, that pupil gets an extra reward, taken from the person who was talking during their turn. Stops pupils talking!

D) perhaps have a reward for pupil closest to ten seconds.

Adapt game to suit.