Fake Headteacher: You must run a club – Newsletter No.24

Dear Staff,

I am very disappointed that many of you are refusing to run morning, lunch time and after school clubs.

They are an important part of school life and pupils deserve to be able to enrich their school experience by attending them.

It also helps us compete with our rival schools. It makes us look bad if we don’t offer the same level of extra curricular sessions.

Parents expect it now.

I realise that many children come to clubs who don’t really want to be there and don’t fully engage in the activities you have planned. But it is what it is. Parents have a right to cheap child care. You are not allowed to refuse to have particular children in your club.

I appreciate that you have already had a long day teaching and dealing with countless problems and challenges. But, clubs are vital to our reputation.

If some parents are late every time picking up children, then that’s just tough. What’s an extra 15 minutes anyway?

You said I had increased your workload too much to justify not running a club. That’s just ridiculous. Books scrutinies, leaning walks and display checks are part of your job now. Get over it.

I understand that many of you are on support plans or have difficult targets to meet but surely you can give up a couple of hours a week to run clubs?

I hope you feel guilty.

UPS staff must run a club. I don’t know whether I am allowed to say that but that’s how it is. NQTs will be expected to run a club but not until 3 weeks in.

I would love to run a club but managing a school keeps me busy and I simply don’t have time.

I expect all staff to have signed up to at least one club by Friday.


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