Fake Headteacher: Governors…trust me – Newsletter No.23

Dear Governors,

In light of our recent Ofsted grading, I would like to reassure you that I am determined to turn things around.

I have outlined my plans below:

I will increase the number of planned learning walks.

I will increase the number of unannounced learning walks.

I will introduce coaching for all staff where I visit another lesson every week and tell staff how to improve.

I will ensure staff type up, print and stick long lengthy learning objective slips in all books.

I will insist staff use green and pink highlighters to prove teacher feedback has occurred.

I will insist pupils use purple pens three times a week to prove they have edited their work.

I will dictate to staff what every display board must look like and how often they need to be updated.

I will introduce another set of symbols and codes for staff to use when marking books which must be seen in books every week.

My 4 page book scrutiny checklist will be used to root out teachers who are underperforming and to keep more experienced teachers (who like to do their own thing) in line.

Experienced staff will not be allowed to utilise any of their experience. They will teach how I say. They will mark how I say. Etc.

Book scrutiny will occur fortnightly and staff will receive detailed written feedback on how they are doing. If time allows, I will look at pupil progress in books. But they will mostly focus on the non-negotiables set out in the book scrutiny checklist.

All maths lessons will look identical across the school following the scheme of work I have recently invested in. Teachers will not deviate from the lesson structure I have introduced .

All literacy lessons will look identical across the school following the scheme of work I have recently invested in. Teachers will not deviate from the lesson structure I have introduced.

Actually, this applies to most subjects. Staff will teach how I say from now on.

PPA time will now be used more productively with staff emailing me a report describing how they used their time. Staff must work in the PPA room where I can pop in to monitor their efforts.

Staff meetings will now over run by half an hour every week to enable us to look into areas of weakness in more detail.

Pupil progress meetings will be introduced and occur every six weeks. These will now happen at lunch time to minimise disruption to lessons.

Staff will be held completely accountable for ensuring accelerated progress for all pupils. Consequences such as capability measures and the freezing of pay rises will be introduced.

At least 40% of staff will be on a support plan at any one time.

All staff will be told to visit other schools to watch staff teach lessons. It ticks a box at least.

We will re-write our curriculum every July.

To save money, I will focus my attention on the UPS staff. It will be relatively straight forward to put pressure on them to leave. All adverts for new staff will attract naive NQTs. They will conform much more willingly. Well, for about two years at least.

I can assure you, I am confident my plan will quickly turn things around.

You must understand that the morale of staff will drop and it will feel quite toxic for a while. However, it’s one big game we must play to ensure Ofsted are happy.

Turnover of staff will increase but you must think long term.

Trust me. I will deliver.

Fake Headteacher.

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