But you get all the holidays!

Billy works in an office. He is talking to his teacher friend.

But you get all those paid holidays! Lucky you.

We do but our salary is spread out over the year. It’s complicated. But yes, the holidays are a time to connect with my friends and family again.

How many weeks holiday do you get again?

About 13 weeks.

And you get paid for those weeks?

Well no. But yes. Most people get 4 weeks off a year. So if you take that away, that only leaves 9 weeks holiday I suppose.

Are you having a laugh! Is that suppose to make me feel better! Ha ha. 9 weeks! So that’s 32.5 hours a week multiplied by 9 weeks…. That’s 292 hours you get paid for doing nothing!

Actually, I get paid 32.5 hours a week, 39 weeks a year (not including holiday pay) But I work 60 hours a week. So I work 1,267 hours extra. It’s not paid overtime. I have to work these hours in order to keep up with with the demands of job. The number is actually higher than that because we often work in the holidays too. So yes, I am paid in the holidays but…. do the maths.

Oh. I didn’t realise.

No. Not many people do. Now, I must get on with some school work. I’ll speak soon.

But it’s Sunday!


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