Two inspectors are chatting about their imminent book scrutiny.

I’ve asked the head if we can use the empty classroom to carry out the book scrutiny.

Well done, we’re going to need the space for sure.

I know. There’s going to be hundreds of books piled up in there after break.

Did you ask staff for current books only?

I tried, but the head demanded we take in every single book so we can see progress over time.

Oh. That’s not good. It’s going to take us hours. We’ve only allocated 30 minutes.

I know. I might tell the head to ask staff to group the books for each pupil so we don’t have to spend ages finding the same pupils’ books.

Staff won’t like that. They already look stressed.

Have you read the school’s detailed marking policy yet?

No. Anyway, I haven’t got time to read it and then make sure every member of staff is implementing it.

I know. My friend is a head and constantly tells staff they must follow the marking policy to the letter because Ofsted will check.

I don’t really care what the marking policy is to be honest. I haven’t got time to check it’s being implemented. That’s not my job.

I ageee. As long as progress is there.

Yeah. Absolutely.

I do hope they

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