End of interview questions:

“Well that’s everything from us. Do you have any questions you would like to ask?

“Yes please.
How do you want me to teach maths?
How have you interpreted maths mastery and how do you want me to do it?

How do you want me to teach literacy?
How do you want me to teach reading?

How many pens and highlighters do I have to use?
What colour must my PowerPoint slides be?

What comments should I make in their books and how often?
Am I allowed to write praise in books?
How often do you carry out book scrutinies?
How long is the non-negotiables list for book scrutinies?

Do I type, print and stick in learning objective slips?
For what lessons?
How many other things need to be on the slip?

Will I have my own trimmer?
Do you have funds for an endless supply of glues sticks?
Do I need to use stampers?

Please assure me I don’t have write ‘Verbal feedback given’ every time I talk to a pupil.
Do your half-termly assessments bear any relation to the work we actually cover?

How often do I attend pupil progress meetings?
What happens to me if a pupil hasn’t made enough progress?
Will I still get paid if some pupils don’t make sufficient progress?

Am I allowed to give stickers out?
What tracking software do you use?
How many 100s of objectives do I need to update and how often?
How should I ask questions to class? Lolly sticks, hands up, no hands up?

What colour pen do pupils edit in?
How often do you need to see evidence of peer feedback?
What should it look like?

How should I write the letters k, f, x, z?
What letters are not joined?

What should my displays look like?
Are they all working walls?
What are the non-negotiables for displays?
When do you inspect them?

Please assure me you mostly look for progress in books.
Can I group children how I want to, on a day to day basis, or do you tell me how to group them?
Do I have to use random chat chums?
How often do they change?

Are learning walks designed to help me improve or as a way of policing consistency policies?
How often to you drop into lesson and what happens if you see something you don’t like?

How much autonomy will I have? If any?
Will you support me with poor behaviour from a pupil or tell me my lessons need to improve?

Are you aware of current education trends?
Do you have ed-twitter account?
Do you use research to help improve the school?

Do you

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