Dear Staff,

I hope you all had a lovely half term break. Thank you to those who responded quickly to my messages over the week. I don’t really have friends or close family members to see so I tend to work instead.

Sadly, three members of staff resigned during half term. I can’t find better teachers to replace them so I will be employing two supply teachers and an unqualified teacher who can’t find work. Because four members of staff also resigned in the summer, we will be revisiting all of my recent policies on how I want the school to operate in tomorrow’s staff meeting.

Some of the outgoing staff demanded exit interviews with a third party – not with me. Apparently, they wanted to be able to explain why they were leaving in an open and safe manner without fear of any future come back. They said they had mentioned briefly in their resignation letters why they were leaving but were worried that the governors and ofsted don’t read them.

They were right to think that. I have to ensure positivity permeates through the school and I can’t afford to rock the boat. I am not very good at listening and picking up on low morale in school. I stick to what I know and aggressively roll out my non-negotiables (or what the academy tells me to do).

I have decided to

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