Dear Staff,

When I walk into your lessons...

Was the… shared?

Was the… discussed?

Was the… mentioned?

Was the… referred back to?

Did pupils engage with…?

Did the TA…?

Did the teacher…?

Did the lesson have…?

Were resources…?

Were pupils using…?

Were pupils discussing…?

Were pupils listening…?

How often did the teacher…?

How often did the pupils…?

How often did the TA…?

The resources were…?

The more able were…?

The pupil premium pupils were…?

The sen pupils were…?

The type of questions deployed were…?

The level of challenge was…?

The level of support was…?

The proportion of teacher talk and child talk was…?

What opportunities were there for…?

Mini plenaries were used ? times

A final plenary lasted…

Pupils entered the classroom…

Pupils sat down…

Pupils lined up…

How many pupils were…?

Was mastery taking place?

Was there time for purple pen work?

Was there good use of IT?

Were tables set out like…?

Were all 8 display boards updated during last 7 days?

Did displays have pupils work up?

Did displays have questions on?

Were questions open-ended?

Have pupils responded to written feedback?

Is all work marked? All.

Have next steps been shared?

Is display text 50% handwritten?

Did teacher use lolly sticks?

Did teacher give up to 30 seconds for a pupil to answer a question?

Was there pace in the lesson?

Did accelerated learning take place?

Did pupils know what they were learning?

Could pupils regurgitate the learning objective and explain in great detail how they will achieve it?

Did teacher make good use of talk buddies?

Does the classroom have a reading corner?

Does the classroom have the school motto up in the room?

Is there a positive mindset quote from twinkl anywhere? Why not!?

Has the teacher written the date neatly?

Is the date straight?

Did teacher make use of the working walls?

Did teacher update the working walls during lesson…?

How often did pupils call out?

How did the teacher respond to low level disruption?

Is there evidence of assessment for learning from previous lesson?

How is teacher using assessment for learning in the lesson?

Did any pupil look out of the window? Even for a couple of seconds?

Did the pupils enjoy the lesson?

How did the teacher give feedback from previous lesson?

How did the teacher move around the classroom?

How quickly did the teacher address misconceptions?

How did the teacher talk to the pupils?

Did the

2017-19 Full blogs are now archived in the book ‘How Do You Think the Lesson Went?’