Fake Headteacher: Secret Files No.5 – Verbal Feedback

FHT: Can I have a word?

Teacher: I really need to get home. The staff meeting over ran again by thirty minutes.

FHT: It is what it is at the moment. We must improve our data.

Teacher: Can we walk and talk then as I collect my things.

FHT: No, I’d rather go to my office.

Teacher: Oh. Alright then (gulp).

FHT: In my panic, I secretly looked at everyone’s books at the weekend. I noticed that you are not using the verbal feedback stamper. Please explain.

Teacher: Oh. I thought I was in trouble.

FHT: You are.

Teacher: About not using the verbal feedback stamper?

FHT: Absolutely. You must use it everyday to show you have given feedback to the class. This is in addition to any written feedback you give (which must be in the form of two stars and a wish every two days).

Teacher: But that’s my job? I give verbal feedback (teaching) so many times in a lesson – to individuals and the whole class – I don’t see the point in stamping ‘Verbal Feedback Given’ in their book. It’s not something I even consider doing.

FHT: But it proves that you have given feedback. It shows ofsted you have made a difference to that pupil.

Teacher: But look at the progress from this page to this page. You can clearly see the difference. You have to assume I have taught well and used my professional judgement and expertise as appropriate. Ofsted don’t care about what stampers I use.

FHT: Oh yes. I can see progress now you have pointed it out. I don’t really look at that. I only look at my long list of things to check (stampers, highlighters, two stars and a wish etc).

Teacher: Can I go now? I really must get home.

FHT: I have to be seen to be enforcing my policies so I will be be putting you on an action plan. It looks good for ofsted.

Teacher: What?! I am a very experienced teacher. I have got a very difficult class working their socks off. Does that not count for anything anymore?

FHT: Not really. Please use the verbal feedback stamper.

Teacher: And you wonder why teachers are fed up.

FHT: Sorry, What was that?

Teacher: Nothing. Good night.


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