FHT: I am surprised you’ve said some children have met objectives already on our on-line tracking tool. It’s only October.

Teacher: That’s because I know they can do it.

FHT: But our policy is to see them doing it 6 times over the year before saying they’ve met an objective.

Teacher: But there’s 150 objectives just for maths, reading and writing. You have to trust me. If I feel they can do it, I will show they have met that objective on the online tracking tool.

FHT: But how do you definitely know? Did you take photographs of their work and upload it to the online tracking tool?

Teacher: No. It’s in their book.

FHT: But your tablet can take photos and it easy for you to upload things – (once you’ve logged in, found the objective and remembered what to do). Everyone is doing it.

Teacher: But it’s in their book and I spoke to them at length.

FHT: On 6 occasions?

Teacher: No. Some children just knew it before I started the unit. They explained the answer to a question in depth, showing a very good understanding. The objective was reading 3 digit numbers.

FHT: But did they really know? Can you prove it? Did you film them talking to you?

Teacher: Er… no. Should I have done?

FHT: If you are saying they have met that objective, I think a short film uploaded to the online tracking tool would be great.

Teacher: But who looks at those videos?

FHT: 🤔 Was it in a problem solving situation?

Teacher: No. the objective just says ‘I can read 3 digit numbers’. He can, and knew the value of each digit.

FHT: But everything has to be mastery and reasoning.

Teacher: Yes. I understand but

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