FHT: I hear many of you want to work at Aldi? I don’t understand.

Teachers: Because I can turn up 5 minutes before I start, work hard and leave 5 minutes after I finish.

FHT: But won’t you miss working with the children?

Teachers: Of course. I love teaching. But the job has changed significantly over the last few years and it’s beginning to affect my well-being.

FHT: But what about the pay cut? You won’t be able to afford to leave teaching! You are trapped.

Teacher: I know. It sucks. But I will get paid for the hours I actually work. If I work 50-60 hours a week at Aldi, I get paid for 50-60 hours. Currently I get paid 32.5 hours a week for working 50-60 hours.

FHT: But that’s a very selfish attitude to take. It’s a vocation.

Teachers: But I don’t see my family and

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