Scenes From The Battleground

Teaching in British schools

It Must Be Mum

A Site for Resources and Reflections That May Help Those Navigating Aspects of the World of 'Special Education Needs'


thinks that I am thinking

Fake Headteacher

A satirical take on the pressures of being a primary school teacher

Learn Me Summat

Insights from inside a classroom.


Teaching - "freedom is always the freedom to think differently"

Copywrite by Elizabeth Twitchett

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind... (Rudyard Kipling)

21st Century Learning

The latest in teaching and education research and innovation from Western Sydney University

Empathy and Inquiry

Some thoughts about teaching

Tim Paramour

Clear. Concise. Convincing.

Chrissi Reads

'Reading one book is like eating one crisp.' -Diane Duane

Love Learning....

campaigning for better education...


What they never taught me in teacher school.