I am a primary school teacher. Just.

I have been teaching for nearly twenty years in several primary schools. I have seen numerous teaching strategies and policies introduced over the years by different governments and I am beginning to lose my faith in the education system as nothing seems to be good enough. The demands on teachers and head teachers are far too high, and are often having a detrimental impact on their personal lives.

I am worried that so many good teachers and head teachers have left the profession or thinking about leaving (including me). My family are extremely supportive of the hours  I work, but I am not sure how much longer they are prepared to listen to my workload rants. As a result, I decided to set this blog up instead.

My fake newsletters are just for fun. They are not directed at any particular school, headteacher, teacher, teaching assistant or dinner supervisor! Rather, poking fun at a demands of the job in general.  I am a dedicated teacher. But so much of what I do now is unnecessary and a distraction from doing what I do best – teaching the children. Perhaps writing these blogs will resonate with some of you? Perhaps it will allow me to let off a little bit of steam?

Call it creative therapy?

Feeling much better already!

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